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As it is painted in Horus temple in Edfu which was ceremonially linked with the Dendera complex dedicated to Hathor. In the third month of summer, the two Gods celebrate the (Feast of the beautiful meeting).

The festival began at Dendera, where the statue of Hathor bedecked in her finest regalia entered her barque accompanied by celebrants; she sailed up river to Horus temple at Edfu. When the Goddess arrived, on the afternoon of the new moon, she was met with joyful celebration.
During the day, the twin barques of the God and Goddess probably shared the sanctuary each night.

Festival's conclusion at the full moon the God & Goddess retired to the Mammissi room which is the Birth room of Ancient Egyptian Gods located in each temple.

Enjoy your Honeymoon just along one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the most famous in Egypt, where the great Pyramids still dominates the plateau above the Nile River.
These pyramids fascinated Egyptian travelers and pilgrims during the new kingdom, and even then these artificial mountains were already 1500 years old.
Later they entranced the Greeks and Romans and today, visitors from all over the world continue to flock to view the ancient monuments, temples, and tombs.

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